Mashup of Anna Statue


This was a mash-up of two models and materials to create a stamp with my niece's name.

I started with this bust of Anna from the Disney movie Frozen, which I printed in Proto-Pasta's Double Espresso Metallic Brown HTPLA.

anna stamp 1

I cropped a few layers off the bottom and replaced that with a simple cylinder.

For the base, I rendered my niece's name TEAGAN in the Ice Kingdom font, which is similar to the font used in promotional material for the Frozen film.

anna stamp frozen 2

This is easy with OpenSCAD

height=size / 8;

linear_extrude(height = height)
    text("TEAGAN", size = size, font = "IceKingdom");

anna stamp frozen font rendered 2

Finally, I added the font STL to a flat cylinder along with some stars, all extruded to the same height. The model had to be mirrored in the x-axis so that the text is reversed. This is so that resulting stamp can be read left to right.

anna stamp frozen font rendered 3

This was printed with NinjaFlex TPU using the LulzBot Small Layer 0.25mm Tool Head.


The HTPLA is just a beautiful material, although I wish I had used a blue or teal colour for this. The TPU is so cool! Actually bends quite a bit, but rubber would work better as I found that ink didn't stick the the TPU as well. Still, a fun experiment

Post Process

Just glued the two models together.