Kusama Pumpkin

February 19, 2020


Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama is known for her whimsical pumpkin sculptures, that have come to represent for her a kind of alter-ego or self-portrait. This sculpture stands just under a meter tall, and was displayed as part of a temporary exhibition at the 2014 Frieze Sculpture Park in London, England where it was scanned by photogrammetry, which captured the polkadot texture.

kusama 2

This object is part of “Scan The World” on MyMiniFactory. I scaled it down 30% just to save time, but I’m planning to hollow out the “spots” and add a light inside.


This was a first run of Eryone Steampunk Rainbow PLA Filament, which has a shiny finish that has a sort of light brown/bronze colour. It turned out alright, but you don’t get the colour change effect implied by their marketing materials.

kusama 4

Post Process

Jenni painted it to match the original sculpture with black spots. Looks really nice after post processing.

kusama 3

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Written by Andrew Dalgleish who lives and works in San Francisco building useful things. You should follow them on LinkedIn