3D Printed Apple Remote for kids

February 01, 2019

While we were visiting our friends in Silicon Valley, they mentioned that their baby’s favourite toy was the Apple Remote. I suggested that I design and print a replica baby toy.

apple remote toy 2

A quick trip to Apple’s product website to get dimensions, and measure the location and size of buttons, and then I started modeling in Tinkercad I found it tricky to get the beveled edges right.

apple remote 2

Overall it worked, and printed solid at 100% infill. But I’m going to need to find a more flexible CAD solution to Tinkercad.

apple remote 1


I printed this in food-safe eSun PETG.

Post Process

I spent a lot of extra time sanding to remove rough edges and layer lines.

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Written by Andrew Dalgleish who lives and works in San Francisco building useful things. You should follow them on LinkedIn